OEM/ODM/OBM Manufacturing

  • Whether you are looking for a unique square steel pipe, a special set of rectangular steel pipes, or a custom shaped steel pipe, Yuantai R & D department is capable of putting your ideas into practice. Our extensive steel product expertise covers a wide range of applications, including hundreds of standard options that can be utilized or modified to help accelerate development time.
  • Please check our R & D and production capacity to see if we can meet your requirements. Please feel free to contact Yuantai sales representative to discuss your needs and see how we can provide solutions to meet your needs.
  • R&D department Introduction

    R&D department is originated from technology section. Now this new department is focus more and more on R&D. Though we are young, we are dynamic and committed to transforming customers’ ideas into products that can be produced stably in batches. Under our mutual efforts, we start from an idea, to 3D modeling, to drawings, to model construction, to samples, to tests, to verification, to production process implementation. Each project is connected with 3-12 technicians from sales to quality, procurement, production site and etc. The whole process of project management is under well took. We have different engineer for different product, in general, one main engineer for one project and he can invite other engineer to responsible for small part of the project. We have formed a trust, Efficiency and well-orchestrated team.
    Department director Mr. Yalian Huang is specialized in mold design & manufacture. He works 14 years in product design field and developed many products. R & D engineers have 6 years working experience at least. One of our process engineer has been working in process technology and process improvement for 14 years, and another verification engineer has been working for more than 10 years in verification area. As a result, many patents have been granted. YUANTAI holds 63 patents and 2 of them are invention patents. Still more patents are in applying.
    Yuantai Derun has 200 single steel pipe products. Based on these steel pipe products, we can produce finished products, semi-finished products, pipe wholesale and special-shaped pipe production for manufacturers and distributors all over the world. We can also customize products for customers.
    Most products have acquired CE certificate.45 products have finished the register with EPD&PHD&BV&JIS.
    We also pay attention to the cooperation between industry, University, research and application. We cooperate with universities and scientific research institutions to produce different products. Yuantai is the practice base for doctoral students in many architectural universities. We have a national technology application laboratory.In 2018, we initiated the establishment of the square moment tube industry development and cooperative innovation alliance, and came together to the platform, so that this industrial chain can achieve a combination of production, learning, research and use, and inject continuous vitality into this industry from the two aspects of standardization and intelligent manufacturing.
  • Electronic control automation

    Yuantai production line realizes the electric control automation from model change to finished products

    • Yuantai has 51 black high-frequency welded pipe production lines
    • Yuantai has High speed 500 * 500mm square tube unit
    • Yuantai has High speed 300 * 300mm square tube unit
    • Yuantai has High speed 200 * 200mm square tube unit
    • Reduce uncontrollable risks during product production and improve quality reliability and stability
    • JCOE straight seam round pipe unit,OD(355.6mm-1440mm)
    • Yuantai has 10 hot-dip galvanizing processing lines
    • Yuantai has 3 spiral welding units,OD(219mm-2032mm)
  • Strict detection

    Quality tubing requests consistant OD & ID controlling

    • The internal and external diameter error of steel pipe can be controlled within (0.01-0.10)
    • Direct reading spectrometer

      Quantitative detection of chemical composition of metal materials

      Ensure that the material composition of steel pipe is qualified

    • The yield strength test meets the customer's requirements
    • Content detection of law and auxiliary materials and plating AIDS
    • Eddy current testing
      Ensure that the pipeline safety index meets the standard
    • Salt spray corrosion test
      Salt spray corrosion test
      Corrosion resistance up to standard
    • Environmental protection detection
      Environmental protection detection
      Environmental protection index meets the standard
    • Ultrasonic testing
      It is usually used for the inspection of forgings, welds, etc
      Ensure that there are no cracks, slag inclusions, shrinkage cavities, incomplete penetration and other defects in the workpiece
  • Well known enterprises cooperating with raw material

    • Shougang
    • Baosteel

    Top raw material enterprises

    • Handan iron
    • Rong steel
    • China railway
    • Jinxi steel
    • An steel
    • BX steel
  • Packaging

    • Different colors for different packaging
    • Storage warehouse
    • Transportation
    • Own fleet
  • Plant introduction

    • Tianjin Group Headquarters
    • Tianjin No.4 factory
    • Yuantai industry and trade
    • Tangshan factory