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Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Group Launches 5 Major Initiatives for World Earth Day

Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Group Launches 5 Major Initiatives for World Earth Day

Apr 23,2023
Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Group Launches 5 Major Initiatives for World Earth Day
Every year on April 22nd, the world celebrates "World Earth Day" as designated by the United Nations in 2009. What started as a grassroots environmental initiative on American college campuses in the 1970s has grown into a global movement aimed at raising awareness about the need to protect our planet and its resources.
On this special day, Tianjin Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group would like to propose several eco-friendly actions that can help us better understand how to care for the earth.
No.1 Signature Bottle:
China is the most populous country in the world, yet it has one of the lowest per capita water resources. If the world's per capita water ownership were one bottle, each Chinese person would only have 1/4 of a bottle. Unfortunately, even this small amount is often wasted as people forget which bottle is theirs at group events. Cheil Jie'er advertising noticed that after every group activity in China, a large amount of bottled water is wasted. To combat this, we encourage people to write their name on their bottle and take it with them to ensure they don't waste resources.
No.2 Deforested Field:

Every minute, large areas of forests are cut down, causing deforestation and eventual desertification. In Brazil, for example, a football field-sized area of forest is cut down every four minutes. Forests are the lungs of the earth, so it is important to protect them. Steel is an excellent green building material that can be recycled. We encourage people to stop deforestation, protect forests, and use sustainable materials like steel.
Deforested Field:
No.3 Fragile Friend:

130 bird and mammal species have gone extinct since 1850, and 656 animal species are currently endangered. Statistics show that one species disappears from the earth every hour. Animals are fragile and must be protected. We urge parents and children to avoid eating wild animals or purchasing products made from them, such as fur coats.
No.3 Fragile Friend:-Yuantai Derun Steel pipe Group
No.4 The Endless Potential of Recycling:

Recycling is an endless source of potential, regardless of where you live in the world. If billions of people could stop throwing away cardboard boxes, metal products, and plastic items, and instead recycle them, it would be a beautiful thing. Yuantai encourage everyone to join in recycling efforts and help make our skies bluer and our water cleaner.